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Tax Review Checklist

Does your financial professional even look at your tax return? If you are not sure whether you have the right financial professional, please take this quick test.

Have You? 

  1. Maximized Retirement Plan Contributions?
  2. Identified Opportunities for Capital Gain Harvesting?  
  3. Identified Opportunities for Capital Loss Harvesting?  
  4. Explored All Roth Conversion & Recharacterization Opportunities?  
  5. Reviewed RMD Timing?  
  6. Considered Charitable Gifts / IRA Charitable Gifts?  
  7. Reviewed Charitable Remainder Trust Opportunities?  
  8. Maximized Annual Exclusion Gifts?  
  9. Reviewed Use of 529 Plans & Coverdell Saving Accounts?  
  10. Discussed Tax Bracket Management?  
  11. Discussed Potential Deduction Timing?  

Our goal is to explore potential tax reduction strategies.

If you answered NO to two or more of these questions, you may not be maximizing your tax strategies. If your current financial professional is not providing this service, then call us at (410) 908-9293 to schedule a complimentary financial check-up.